Adaptation of a German childhood favourite

Germany. The country where being vegetarian  means piling the meat component of a dish high on the side of a plate. I grew up here as a teenager and needless to say, when eating out with my family (who loved a bit of schweinshaxe, or pig knuckle) I shook my head and opted for a salad. There once was a time when I ate meat and happily tucked into a currywurst or ‘ein paar weisswurst mit suße senf’; I guess the overwhelming quantity of pork available in Munich tipped me over the edge.  The German inside me still enjoys a sausage or two, the only difference now being the source of the protein.

At home in the UK I love The Redwood Co. sage and majoram ready-to-eat sausages. £2.30 buys you 8. Whilst studying abroad in Amsterdam I have to settle for some tofu wieners, the best of the bunch, which I will probably enjoy by the time I leave.

So here it is…my vegan alternative to the German wurst, served with red cabbage, roast tatties and a few garden peas. Easy enough for anyone to make, nothing too special, but every now and then we all crave a childhood comfort.


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