Call me a traditionalist…

My desire to join this popular form of communication was instantaneous; upon reflection it most probably stemmed from my almost silent presence at the dinner table this evening. Having whipped up a vegan satay stirfry in 15 minutes to accompany my family’s choice of takeaway (Chinese – nothing on the menu tickled my whinging gourmet stomach, and I needed some nourishing protein) I decided that tonight would be the night I would share my joyful and experimentive but sometimes disastrous cooking skills with the world.

I have often questioned my values, and longed for the ease of fastfood and ready-made rubbish. My diet is effective and balanced only because of the effort and time I exert. But now like a shooting star I have reached new heights and my confidence is such that when I present my dishes to the dinner table I am overwhelmed with the happiness that comes from providing for others. My somewhat liberal lifestyle choices are tainted with the quaintest ideals of a traditionalist; my femininity is exacerbated in the kitchen.

Through this blog I aim to share my dishes, deserts and the like, but I also hope to delve into the topic of alternative diets by providing interesting titbits for your interest. Considering the quantity of meat my family and lovely caveman-like boyfriend consume, I’d also like to indulge in the art of complimenting the two diets, with a little help from my sous-chef if you please.

I hope that within my train of mish-mashed thought you will find sparkles in my recipes and inspiration from my ideas. Please join me on my food journey, try out my recipes and share your own thoughts with me. Enjoy!

One Response to “Call me a traditionalist…”
  1. Annie Ashman says:

    I love your website! You little gourmet, you! xxx

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