Golden Temple Restaurant Amsterdam

I’m studying in Amsterdam for the year and I recently visited the Golden Temple restaurant with a friend    for the yoga, dinner and tea package…for a mere 25 euros! I anticipated the yoga session to be a standard class with many people, but discovered it was actually a very personal session (just the two of us and her, plus her little baby girl who joined us for last 10 minutes). People would pay good money for that! This was my first yoga class and I found the Kundalini style very empowering to the female body; I left feeling a bit stiff but fabulous.

60% of the dinner menu was vegan and the food was simply delicious: homemade pizzas, an Indian thali platter and a middle Eastern platter both with a wide selection of small dishes. They have an immense selection of tea (I chose a fruity wintery one) and finished off my meal with a slice of raw vegan chocolate and orange cake.

The service here was really lovely, which says alot considering the Dutch don’t offer customer service! We were both given a complementary chai tea upon arrival to warm us up on a snowy night. The restaurant appears to be run by a young couple (and the little one), giving it a homely and welcoming vibe.

I would definately recommend visiting if you’re in Amsterdam.


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