puffed pasty with a ham, cheese and onion filling

2 small sheets of puff pastry or 2 10cm squares cut from a larger sheet, olive or rocket tapenade, 1 slice vegan ham, vegan cheese (grated), 1/2 small onion (sliced)

Follow the defrost instructions on the back of your puff pastry packet. Spread each sheet with a thin layer of olive or rocket tapenade, which most good supermarkets or delis will sell. Remember to leave about 1cm around the sides so you can make an edge. On one sheet, sprinkle the shredded vegan ham and grated vegan cheese on top. Add the onion slices. Place the other sheet over the top and push lightly on the edges with your finger tips to seal the sheets together.

To make your pasty look pretty use the prongs of a fork create a ‘crow feet’ decorative pattern around the edges. Go around the pasty pressing gently with the tip of the fork. Create a diamond pattern on top of the pasty by gently drawing a knife across the pasty diagonal, first one way and then the other.

Bake for about 20 minutes at 180°C


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