wine and beer

Animal ingredients are often added to alcoholic beverages directly, or during the filtration process. The latter is possibly the most common and the most unknown; likely to disrupt the diet of those opting to avoid any animal product. Things such as gelatin, egg whites or sea shells are used to latch onto the impurities present in alcohol, in order to more easily filter them out. Whilst such ingredients are omitted from the final ingredient list of our wine and beer bottles, I have noticed a rising trend in a ‘suitable for vegetarians’ label on many bottles. Although this is a step in the right direction, it does not necessarily mean these bottles will be suitable for vegans.

Here is my quick guide to buying vegan friendly wine and beer.

  1. Consult online directories such as Barnivore and Vegan Products Guide.
  2. Many beers are vegan friendly but unfortunately wines are less easy to identify. Check out the Pocket Guide to Vegan Wine, which provides an extensive list of vegan wines available in the UK, both supermarket brands and other companies.
  3. All ales, ciders and lagers by Samuel Smith, The Old Brewery have been given the Vegan Society registered trademark. The brewery is based in North Yorkshire.
  4. For special occasions, Dom Perignon Champagne and Moet & Chandon Champagne are both vegan.
  5. Before going to the supermarket make a list of the beers and wines suitable for you.
  6. Check out your local veggie or wholefood store, which will usually stock an array of friendly alcohol, although at a price.

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